Nadina Taylor

My Lifetime Journey in Numbers

Welcome to the offices of C&C, where I have always had a lifelong passion for numbers that has shaped a unique and comprehensive financial service experience that has become a benefit for the community for many years.

My Legacy My Story

I began my journey in numbers in the halls of Anderson Park Elementary in Atlanta, Georgia where my exceptional skills in math and accounting first shone. At just 12 years old, I was handpicked by the principal to manage the School Supply Clerk role, a significant responsibility for such a young student. I truly believe this early experience in handling supplies and finances was the foundation of my lifelong dedication to financial management.

By the age of 14, my financial journey took a more serious turn as I started assisting my mother, a skilled tax preparer. This invaluable experience lasted until I was 22 when fate took a turn and my mother suddenly died from a brain aneurysm. My mother’s passing left a deep wound in my heart, but she also left me with a  deeply ingrained passion to continue helping people with their financial needs as I saw how much she cared for even the least of her clients. 

I wanted to walk in her footsteps in the industry, just not sure if it would be in the area of taxation. My educational pursuit in finance led me to Roosevelt University in Chicago, where I majored in Finance. Initially drawn towards Forensic Accounting, I continued to feel a strong pull to continue my mother’s legacy in tax preparation, After the feeling of my mother wanting me to carry on her business didn’t stop, I heeded the call and honored my mother’s legacy 7 years after her death by officially launching my own tax firm in 1993.

30 Years And Counting!!

As my tax business flourished, I wanted to do more than my mother and expand my services in the financial arena. I added to my services to include insurance, annuities, corporate formation, business consulting, and diverse financial classes. I branched from my office and joined forces to teach Financial Management Classes at Truman College in Chicago for seven years, 

Gaining multiple certifications, including becoming a Registered Tax Return Preparer with the IRS I haven’t stopped learning and will continue for many more years in the “school of finance” because the world is ever-changing in this area. 

Today, I continue to serve with the same passion that I had as a 12-year-old school supply clerk. My commitment to my clients is unwavering, often humorously remarking that I’ll be doing taxes until I’m 99 years old. This dedication is not just a profession but a lifelong passion, one that has touched the lives of countless individuals and families.

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